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Princess House is an American company that sells cookware related products through 'consultants' wanting to make money from home.

A proven success, Princess House has now existed for more than 50 years!

Basically, it is an opportunity, mainly for women, to start their little own home business as a Princess House lifestyle consultant. You earn a percentage of the product you sell.

The products made by Princess House line include flatware and tableware, as well as cookware and bakeware. The company also provides many accessories and gifts such as decorations and home accents. If you love cooking you'll love Princess House products.

Products are typically sold in in-home private parties.

Just for having a selling party the Hostess receives one product at half price. Not surprisingly, much of the money they make in sales goes towards their own purchase of wonderful Princess House merchandise.

Some of the popular types of products sold by Princess House include:
Baking products such as this four inch ceramic bundt pan.
Cooking products like this stainless steel simmer pot.
Knives. Shown is a bridal cake knife, although sharp cutlery is also a popular item.
This garlic press is one of hundreds of kitchen tools available to make food preparation faster and easier.
Serving bowls. Shown are three fun, square condiment bowls in assorted colors.
Drinking glasses, such as these four Irish coffee mugs. These are from the Heritage collection.

Princess House also has a number of collections of related products. Some collections only have a couple products. Others may span a full kitchen ensemble. Here is the list:
  • Barrington
  • Culinaro
  • Fantasia
  • Heritage
  • Marissa
  • Meridian
  • Mi Cocina
  • Moderna
  • Pavillion
  • Terra Flame
In this video you can see some of the new products Prince House has recently released:

Where to Buy Princess House Products:

Princess House is supposed to be a direct sell company. This means you can only buy products from consultants.

However, on this website you will find links to Princess House products you can buy online. Although not as much fun as buying products from your friends at a consultant party, here you will find some really good deals, discontinued items, single pieces to complete a set, and far more variety than any one consultant could ever offer.